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The Number One Prescriptive Brand in France. World-renowned performance facials and products, designed to be part on your on-going skincare regime. Founded in Paris over 50 years ago by renowned biochemist, Rene’ Guinot, Guinot treatments and products deliver results. Guinot’s manufacturing and research are of a pharmaceutical standard with key products developed in a hospital burns unit to help repair skin. FDA accredited, Internationally ISO 22716 certified and products are not tested on animals, contain no parabens, are eco-friendly, plant based and are only sold in qualified Guinot salons due to the products prescription nature.


High performing skincare products and treatments to combat fine lines and wrinkles, acne, dry skin and hyper-pigmentation

The Germaine De Capuccini Story
From its humble Spanish origins over 50 years ago, Germaine De Capuccini has grown to now be one of the world’s leading skincare specialists, sold and recommended in 85 countries, across 20,000 spas, salons and clinics. It’s also the number one selling professional skincare brand in Spain and Italy.

The Science behind Germaine De Capuccini
Only the highest quality ingredients are used in Germaine De Capuccini products to deliver exceptional results. With a team of over 300 professionals working in an advanced laboratory in Europe, each product and treatment is subject to rigorous effectiveness testing to ensure the high product standards and results are met.
The latest scientific discovery developed by Germaine De Capuccini contains Epigenol and is a first of its kind. Available in Timexpert SRNS Range, this high performing ingredient revitalizes the youthfulness proteins (which are switched off when ageing begins). The skin results after one single application include firmer, more hydrated and less visible wrinkles. It’s this type of product advancement that Germaine De Capuccini prides itself on and has clients experiencing clinically proven results.

Over time, the New Directions collection moved beyond essential oils and raw materials to include skin care manufacturing and products; as always, developed with a governing ethos of environmental awareness. And soon, as the consumer demand changed and expanded with the cultural embracing of natural/organic products and a wellbeing lifestyle, New Directions evolved, too. The company now offered an innovative range of home spa and wellbeing products, accessories, and even literature. It also began manufacturing stylish and practical bottles and caps, nurturing versatility and allowing a personal connection between the consumer or business and the essential product.