02 Excel Therapy Oxygenating Eye Cream 15ml

02 Excel Therapy Oxygenating Eye Cream 15ml


A gel textured eye treatment perfect for younger skin or those noticing the first signs of ageing. Contains encapsulated oxygen and an advanced defense complex to restore cellular functions and fight free radical damage, correcting puffiness and fine lines around the eyes.



Exclusive Large Anti-Pollution Technology: works on the skin’s surface to block damage from four types of pollution. It contains two key formulas:Blue Light Block: Blocks damage on the skin caused by the electromagnetic waves emitted by electronic devices such as computers, smartphones and LED lights. Triple Anti-pollution Shielding: Creates a fine film on the skin to prevent the penetration of PM 2.5 and toxic air particles, provide a physical shield against UV rays and defends against chemical agents within household cleaning products that weaken the skin’s barrier.
Life Cytoxygen releases a high concentration of pure oxygen into the dermis to detoxify the skin.

Optical Pigments immediately correct dark circles and illuminate the eye contour

Tetrapeptides: drain, decongest and protects collagen and elastin

Proven Results

  • 91% noticed signs of fatigue have diminished.*
  • 81% saw the general appearance of the eye contour has been rejuvenated.*
  • 80% saw an immediate correcting effect of dark circles and illuminating action of the eye contour.*

*Self-assessment test carried out on 54 volunteers between 25 and 48 years of age.


How to use:

Apply a rice grain size amount to eye contour area, lightly patting it in until absorbed. Use morning and night.