Essential Toning Lotion 200ml

Essential Toning Lotion 200ml


A gentle toner that combines Porcelain Flower and Globe Daisy Extract to protect the skin against external aggression. The High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid saturates the skin with moisture, revealing a luminous and supple appearance. Suitable for all skin types.



Globe Daisy Extract – A Mediterranean flower traditionally used for its soothing and astringent properties. Reduces reactivity & discomfort, soothes altered skin, slows down signs of skin ageing

Porcelain Flower Extract – High in antioxidants, this delicate Asian flower is traditionally used due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-irritating properties.

High Weight Hyaluronic Acid – works on the skin’s surface layers to rehydrate the epidermis, regulate water loss and protect the skin against external aggression


How to use:

Apply a thumbnail size to the palms and spread gently all over the face before serum or moisturiser application