Olivette + Spa Gift Box 2

Olivette + Spa Gift Box 2

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Hand Cream

Not all hand creams are created equal. We have treated our hand créme with the same care that you would like to treat your skin - with lots of TLC! Olivette hand créme is a rich, luxurious barrier between you and the elements. Fragranced with natural orange oil, pure olive oil and peru balsam - it's a little bit of escapism in a tube.


Bamboo Headband

STAR+ROSE use only pure + ethically sourced materials. Natural bamboo is used ensure a durability and quality products. These headbands are beautiful, soft and luxurious.


Natural Bristle Body Brush

This ergonomically designed brush has a fixed handle for extra control. Use it for dry brushing or in the bath and shower. Apply a firm sweeping motion to stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation. Great for toning and replenishing skin cells for a youthful smoothe glow. Only sustainable FSC® certified wood is used.


CARE: Rinse and dry after use. Bristles must face downwards.

STAR+ROSE use only ethically derived boar bristle - the traditional, natural fibre used to make spa brushes.

Softer than sisal - perfect for cleaning + massaging. Use wet or dry.