Olivette + Spa Gift Box 3

Olivette + Spa Gift Box 3

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Body Lotion

Make your body a temple! Smoothe Olivette body lotion liberally to reveal what your skin was born to feel like. Soft, hydrated and alive! Filled with all natural Australian goodness, this light-weight lotion is fragranced with orange and olive oils to appeal to even the most sensitive of users. 


Olivette Pure + natural handmade soap

A 100% hand-made soap that is filled with 100% natural and organic ingredients. That's what we set out to produce, and that's what we have here in Olivete hand-made soap. Jam-packed full of everything you skin needs to look and feel like a million dollars. Lightly fragranced with cedarwood and sweet orange - its a treat you won't regret or forget.


Ramie Bath Mop

STAR+ROSE use only pure + ethically sourced materials. 

100% natural and durable ramie grass fibre is used to manufacture 

this quality bath mop accessory