T Lift (In) Firming Neck Mask – Two units

T Lift (In) Firming Neck Mask – Two units


Designed  specifically for the neck and chin. An anti-flaccidity mask to lift, firm and redefine the chin and neck area



  • Antioxidising Edelweiss Flower Extract neutralises the oxidative stress originated by environmental aggression to recover the skin of the neck
  • Purified Oligosaccharides stimulate synthesis of the fibres of the dermis to restore the skin’s suppleness.
  • Two Natural Biopolymers create a dense, tight mesh that works like a second skin and has an immediate tautening effect.

Proven Results

83% noticed an immediate lifting effect

84% noticed a more defined area

96% noticed firmer and more supple skin

Self-evaluation tests on 89 volunteers aged between 37 and 71


How to use:

Cleanse skin, remove mask from the sachet and place side openings over ears, then firm the mask in place over the neck and chin and leave for 15-20 minutes. Remove mask, and massage remaining excess until product is absorbed.
To maximise results, apply Timexpert Lift Neck and decolletage Firming Cream on before placement of mask.