T Lift (In) Supreme Definition Eye Contour Cream 15ml

T Lift (In) Supreme Definition Eye Contour Cream 15ml


A firming eye cream perfect for hooded eyelids, that strengthens and rebuilds the skin’s structure to lift, firm, and redefine the whole eye area.



  • Blefaroplex: Increases collagen and elastin synthesis within the dermis to strengthen its structure. Increases the skin’s resistance to the effects of glycation.
  • Chromo Correcting Pigments: acts like a pigment corrector reflecting certain colours to provide immediate illumination. The tear valley is brightened and the bluish/reddish colouring of the bags is neutralised.
  • Alpha Gel Technology: provides a second skin effect creating a protective film that defends against the adverse effects of environmental pollution. It also deeply hydrates the micro-relief to improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

Proven Results

After 1 month of use 126 volunteers reported:
Less sagging of the eyelid 77%
Firmer skin around the eyes 82%
More luminous skin 89%



How to use:

Place a small amount in the round edge of the metal spatula and massage around the eye contour until absorbed.