T Vit C+ (AGE) Intensive Multi Correction Cream 50ml

T Vit C+ (AGE) Intensive Multi Correction Cream 50ml


A revitalising moisturiser packed full of Vitamin C to encourage collagen production, colour improvement and hydration for your skin.



  • Ume Extract: A type of Japanese plum containing twice the amount of proteins, minerals and fats than other fruit. It is capable of inhibiting the formation of  A.G.E molecules, accelerating the decomposition of existing A.G.Es and eliminating the dull, pallid tone that the skin acquires.
  • Vitamin C Derivative (VC-IP): provides all the benefits of vitamin C with a more effective penetration to enhance its firming, brightening and protecting action.


How to use:

Apply a pea size morning and night.

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